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  Dylan Baker c65e801587 Hash passwords 7 months ago
  Dylan Baker 5b63fbe025 Remove obsolete static file handling 7 months ago
  Dylan Baker 821164ea31 Embed static files in binary 7 months ago
  Dylan Baker 8a2f5f884c Make templates static 7 months ago
  Dylan Baker 030c268982 Remove debug 7 months ago
  Dylan Baker 30721b82ef Fix bug in auth; add tests 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker 964d667d9b Hide drafts unless logged in 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker 91600be2e7 Uninstall UUID 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker 25daa48d08 Add a `draft` field to Post 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker b19973f1df Border consistency 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker 20e251d8cb Update title 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker e74a3e81f1 Move margin from title to meta 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker 1c3547718f Use slugs instead of UUIDs 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker e26f198a42 Add markdown helper buttons 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker 9e38231f9b Preview style updates 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker 09be7fa83e Move new posts to their own page 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker 0320ffa504 Tweak colors 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker b2330f67bf Rearrange post listing 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker 73ff055a9e formatting 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker c292d5904c Formatting 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker 2038cd6d7c Use Verily 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker c084a358ba Rename to Oslo 9 months ago
  Dylan Baker d26d379175 Style updates 10 months ago
  Dylan Baker 8c463c3c14 Add Gitlab CI config 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker a60aae12ca Write posts in Markdown 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker e979c76265 Add preview button 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker 1dbde5ea36 Header logo can just be a btn 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker 64becdf70c Use css vars 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker d1ef94e25c Some auth tests 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker 53355568f7 Reorganize into separate library crate 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker 6b331b9bff Add deploy script 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker 50df2c4153 Add license 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker edf0a83254 Allow configuring HOST and PORT 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker cec01575e0 Move CSS/JS to separate files 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker a816e38af1 Sort posts by date 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker 8da3185caf V-align header 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker 244542e4d1 Don't need to be removing manually 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker 5218d1d4c8 Create JSON helper 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker 4c71f49fb7 Use response builder 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker 366eea570c Rework flash system 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker c768ba69a6 Add env example 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker a105485d81 Make login path configurable for security by obscurity 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker 5750f1b777 Remove unnecessary namespacing 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker 9719325741 Create middleware to require not being logged in 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker 1a8c0a86a7 Add common variables to context in render_response 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker cc7605f2c5 Update title 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker b27bd4da03 Styles 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker a1915d4e6a Tweak styles 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker c8960e49bf Add header logo 1 year ago
  Dylan Baker b6d4c987a8 Add empty posts message 1 year ago